Tools for growing your class: 

Planning your week:  Planning the week of a SS Teacher HO.docx

Designing a Customized Google Map – these instructions will help you map your class addresses one map so you can make the most of your visitation time.

Teacher Weekly Checklist – There are some things we cannot control, but there are many things we can. Here is a weekly checklist to keep teachers on track.

Making Sunday Mornings Count – Here are some thoughts on the little things we can do to make Sunday mornings a great experience for our group members and guests.

Circles of Influence & Concern – much of our frustration comes from focusing on things we have no control over. What is there that you can do something about as a quality Sunday School Teacher?

Why We Still Have Sunday PM Services – Many churches are cancelling Sunday night services. Here is a great explanation of why we haven’t followed the trends!

An Honest Evaluation – this is where every leader must begin – by defining reality at this current moment.

Spiritual Growth Interviews – As you continue to define reality a teacher needs to spend one-on-one time with their class members. This template will lead toward meaningful conversations.

A Desire to Grow – Growth begins in the heart of the teacher. These are Pastor Monroe’s notes from one of our recent teacher’s meetings.

Below are links to information you may need:

Once you schedule a class party please complete the following form and submit it to the church office so we can add it to the church calendar:  Request to Calendar Event

Our Process with People: This is a past lesson but it outlines how we work our people. Very important to know and apply in leading your class:  The Process

Understand the Life Cycle of a SS Class:  The Life Cycle

A strategy for reaching people through our fellowships:  Fellowship_Strategy

Here is a tracking sheet for the fellowship strategy:  Tracking_Form

Secretary Training:  Secretary Summary

Special Offerings in SS Policy:  Taking Special Offerings

Teacher Assistant Overview:  Teacher Assistant Overview