Resources for the Baptist Church Ministry Network Pastor’s Conference

Here’s the PowerPoint presentation I used at the BCMN conference:  Sunday School still works

Recommended Reading:

  • “The Six Core Values of Sunday School” by Allan Taylor – This book outlines SS and the basic functions. (This is my SS Bible!)
  • “Sunday School in HD” by Allan Taylor – This book doesn’t give as much of “how to” as it simply makes the case for SS in our modern times.
  • “You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less” by Josh Hunt – This book is especially helpful with using his fellowship strategy as a way to discover and develop new prospects.
  • David Francis updated the famous “Flake Formula” in this free PDF: Flake_Formula
  • The Seven Laws of Sunday School – This is how you measure your classes and discover what needs to be worked on so each class can be in a position of growth:  7_Laws


TRAINING: All of our teachers must go through our training program before they are allowed to teach. Then, of course, we use portions of our weekly meetings to continually train. Below is three weeks of our training program. The other two weeks we simply take a lesson from our curriculum and walk them through the steps of putting a lesson together – very practical. Each session below has two files – one is the handout we distribute to the participants, the other is my notes I use for teaching the session:

YOUTH MINISTRY: This information only deals with our youth SS ministry. We have a comprehensive discipleship strategy for our young people. For more details contact our Youth Pastor (see below):

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY: Below is information on Children’s SS ministry. We also have an extensive worship strategy for our kids. For info on that area please contact our Children’s Director (see below):

PRESCHOOL MINISTRY: The following only applies to leadership positions on Sunday morning during the Sunday School hour. We offer preschool ministries in all our services and at other special times throughout the week. For information on those areas, please contact our Preschool Director (see below).


  • CURRICULUM: We are currently using Answers in Genesis material that takes the entire church through the Bible in about 4 years. We have been very pleased with it – especially the fact that the entire church is on the same lesson.
  • SS SOFTWARE: We use ACS Technologies for our record keeping. It is internet based which allows our teachers to post their own attendance on Sundays, and access class members information throughout the week from their phones or computers.

FBT STAFF CONTACTS: If you have any questions regarding our Sunday School ministry please feel free to contact any of our education staff listed below.