Wednesday Recap

Last night we had two major parts to our meeting (in case you had to miss).

First the DD’s led some time with our teachers. If you were not able to attend last night I need you to reach out to your DD’s and learn what you missed. They will probably reach out to you but either way take the initiative and seek them out.

Second we met with Pastor Monroe and he outlined what is coming up in our first ever Family Camp on June 17-19. This is an event for the entire family (not just the kids) and we desperately need you to help us promote and enlist families to register and to attend. I need you to work your class and lead them to attend the event with you! It will be worth it, and some of the material could literally transform their families and lives.

Sunday will be here soon! We kick off our new lesson series on the importance of God’s Word. It’s a great chance to lead people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus through His Word!

I will see you Sunday…JJ